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About Manager Training

LBS Managers and LBS Program Administrators and Coordinators are responsible for the effective, efficient management of the Literacy and Basic Skills Programs in their agencies. As literacy reform continues to take shape and spread throughout the province, Managers work to keep pace with the evolving expectations and demands required of them and their agencies.

While no two LBS delivery agencies operate in the same way and programs vary from location to location, all Managers must devote particular time and attention to some similar and particular tasks if their agencies are to be successful. All LBS agencies work on the development of policies and procedures, strategic planning and coordination, marketing and outreach initiatives, formal and informal partnerships, ongoing training and support for practitioners, and program assessment and evaluation. In the current environment of fast-paced growth and development, Managers are asking for help in order to continue to be effective and efficient as new expectations and changes are surfacing in all these areas. wants to contribute useful information and helpful strategies to support Managers and Program Administrators in their various spheres of responsibility. To do this, and in response to requests from the field, we begin with the materials from Train Ontario 2;

Constructing a Solid Framework – Building Agency Capacity for Serving Learners with Employment Goals. Because some Managers may be interested in a formal acknowledgement of time spent in professional development, we are organizing the material into a course of study which will be accessible through Lakehead University Faculty of Education, Department of Lifelong Learning. Taking the course through Lakehead will give you a non-credit certificate and notation on your transcript. Beyond a sense of personal satisfaction, this kind of documentation provides evidence of your pursuit of continuous improvement of performance.  Learn more…

As resources allow, topics related to program administration and agency management will be added. Proposed topics for the near future include:

  • Crossing the Bridge - Strategies for Seamless Transition between LBS and Adult Secondary School Credit Programming
  • Effective Practices for Demonstrating Agency Capacity and Documenting Continuous Improvement of Performance
  • Strategic Planning for LBS Agencies

Train Ontario 2

In 2005, The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities provided training to LBS service deliverers throughout the province to aid in the development of agency capacity for serving learners who want to go on to employment. Since the previous year had focused on training for practitioners who work face-to-face with employment-bound learners, the 2005 initiative was dubbed, “Train Ontario 2”. Train Ontario 1 can be found in the 'Practitioner Training' section.

Link to the Train Ontario 2 Course

Continuous Improvement Performance Management System

In March 2008, CIPMS training was developed for Managers and Program Coordinators in School Board and College LBS Programs.  Funded by The Ministry Of Training, Colleges & Universities and managed by the Ontario Literacy Coalition, this training helps agencies build capacity for program evaluation and strategic planning for ongoing success.

Link to the CIPMS Course